Digital Somerset 05 – Wo King from Hi9

Networking with a Mini Esports contest! Wo King from Hi9 will also be giving us insights into the latest in Artificial Intelligence. With thanks to Bridgwater & Taunton College, our kind event sponsors.

Date 23.05.2023

Time 18.00 - 20.30 GMT

Wo King from Hi9 will be talking about Artificial Intelligence now and in the future. With all the hype about ChatGPT, can we afford not to listen?

The AI Revolution 2023: Understanding and Harnessing the Impact with Hi9 with Wo King.

Witness the transformative power of the AI revolution sweeping across various sectors in 2023, including the launch of ChatGPT by OpenAI and a multitude of groundbreaking advancements. Join us for an insightful talk by Wo from Hi9, a dedicated professional with nearly 30 years of experience in the tech industry.

As every aspect of society is being challenged and reshaped by these AI-driven innovations, Wo offers valuable insights into how AI and technology can address the challenges faced by various communities. Having engaged in conversations with leading tech companies, Wo will help you comprehend the AI revolution, its extensive implications, and how you can harness its potential to make a meaningful impact.

Discover how Wo’s commitment to utilising AI for the betterment of low-income and rural communities led to the formation of the Hi9 team two years ago. Focused on providing innovative bots and services, Hi9 has been leveraging not only the OpenAI platform, the driving force behind ChatGPT, but also their own state-of-the-art AI models to create cutting-edge solutions.

Hi9’s initiatives comprise school outreach, talks, and workshops aimed at educating people about the potential of AI and its far-reaching effects. Seize this opportunity to learn from Wo’s experience and expertise, and explore how you can contribute to the AI revolution to foster positive change.

A bit about Wo:

Wo King is Hi9’s CEO and has been in tech for over 20 years. He decided to take a step away from the traditional route and instead, focus on how technology, especially AI, could help people on low incomes access services. He personally budgeted and hosted user testing in job centres and homeless shelters in order to learn from those experiences exactly how he could develop technology that would make accessing knowledge easier. Armed with these insights, Wo approached large tech companies including Google, Amazon, and Samsung taking the opportunity wherever he could to talk about technology and socio-economic challenges.The company was part of Google’s Start-up program and was built by Wo from the ground up. After finding funding he formed a highly skilled team that share his beliefs and created what is now called Debbie. Alongside this, Hi9 also offers a suite of apps and regularly run workshops on AI both on site and online.

Event Details

6pm Networking with pizza! 

6.30pm TEAM 1 & 2 Esports Mini Rocket League Contest (15 mins)

7pm Welcome & latest Digital Somerset news

7.10pm Main Speaker Wo King & Q & A

7.50pm Social media top tips with Pete8pm  Round up: BTC and Spark IT 

8.15 pm Networking until all the pizza has gone!

8.15 TEAM 3 & 4 Esports Mini Rocket League Contest (15 mins)

8.30  pm  Esports FINAL  (15 mins)

Rocket League Notes: We are looking for 4 teams of 3 players (12 contestants) – first come first served on the night – put your name down on the door to play!

Rocket League Prizes:

1st: £10 amazon vouchers for each winning team member plus free ticktes to the next DS event

2nd: Delicious cupcakes plus free ticktes to the next DS event

3rd: Delicious cupcakes

With thanks to Bridgwater & Taunton College, our kind event sponsors.

NB: lots of parking available on the campus