Listen in on interviews with industry experts and business leaders who hold a wealth of digital knowledge to share with you.
February, 2023

Paul Lowndes

Jenny talks to Paul Lowndes about his fascinating life and what is happening at the Gravity site in Somerset.

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May, 2021

Stuart Baldwin

It was lovely to have Stuart Baldwin, CEO of Live BIG. Live BIG is a way of thinking and being that stops us playing small.

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June, 2021

Paul Stephenson

Paul Stephen’s of ego stream Discusses the peaks and troughs of running technology businesses.

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July, 2021

Nick Sturge MBE

Nick takes us through his illustrious career history and shares his experiences navigating his way mentoring tech start ups to building a company to floatation.

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September, 2021

Maddie Taylor

In this episode of the Digital Somerset podcast, we’re thrilled to be chatting with Maddie Taylor, Creative Lead at What 3 Words.

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