Life as a digital student.

October 23, 2023

My Time at Bridgwater and Taunton College:

My experiences at Bridgwater and Taunton College have been enjoyable and interesting. The college has provided many opportunities for personal growth through trips, guest speakers, and hands-on learning. 

The academic speakers gave us an in-depth look at higher education options. Career advisors discussed university life and the benefits of pursuing a degree. We even had the chance to hear directly from current university students about their experiences. The speakers also covered the apprenticeship path – how to find and apply for programs, and what skills are required. Between their insights on university and apprenticeships, we gained a well-rounded understanding of how to continue our education after college and set ourselves up for future careers. Their guidance on applications and everything we need to know helped prepare us to make informed decisions about our next steps.

During my time at college we were given opportunities to go on field trips to fantastic places such as the National Museum of Computing in Bletchley Park to see the BOMBE and the Colossus electro-mechanical computers used in World War 2 by the British to decrypt German low and high command communications respectively. This is widely thought to have helped in shortening the war greatly because of their advanced (for the time) problem solving capabilities. We also got to see the entire range of computers that they had in store which was interesting.

Another valuable trip was to Exeter University, where we toured the campus and spoke with professors and students. This inside look at university life was inspirational and has motivated some classmates to consider attending Exeter.

On a personal level, my time at college has built my confidence tremendously. While I was quite shy and reserved in secondary school, meeting new people and engaging in college life has brought me out of my shell. I feel much more comfortable with myself and confident in social situations.

The teachers have been supportive mentors, passionate about their subjects and invested in our learning. Their energy and enthusiasm rub off on us students. We enjoy going to classes taught in a conversational style! 

For any students apprehensive about college, I can say the environment is much more relaxed than school. As long as you choose a course that interests you and what you want to pursue as a career.  It mainly expands on what you’ve already learnt at a reasonable pace. There’s no need to be intimidated about making the leap to college.

Overall, my college experience has been great academically while also fostering personal growth. I’m grateful for the opportunities Bridgwater and Taunton have given me during my time there. 

Ben Lambert
Digital Somerset T level Student at BTC