Five reasons to start a business blog

March 17, 2021

However, it is likely that the opposite is true and not having a blog may well be a false economy when considering the value, a well-managed blog can bring to your business.

1. Demonstrate authority and expertise in your space.

Business blogs provide a great opportunity to highlight your business experience, expertise, product or services within your niche or service area in a way that tells the story of your brand. Discussing relevant and important topics shows you have your ear to the ground and are aware of the latest industry trends and are ahead of the game for your clients.

2. Attract relevant visitors to your site.

Using a blog is the ideal way to publish fresh and relevant content on your business website, which is critical for helping your content and website get found by Google. Google will index your website each time a new piece is published, which all adds to your website rankings provided you are using key words and helping people searching online find answers to their questions.

The fact that your website is releasing new content and producing content regularly is a compelling sign to search engines as they favour websites delivering fresh and regular content.

3. Develop your brand voice and personality.

A blog will allow you to develop a personality for your business alongside the more formal, business-like content elsewhere on your website.

A blog is a great way to drive engagement, brand loyalty and let the voice of your business be heard by your customers.

Personality helps to build familiarity, which in turn builds trust and rapport between a business and its customers. A blog adds depth and context to the communication and messages delivered elsewhere on your website.

4. Connect with like-minded people.

Not only will you attract a relevant audience, but your users can also comment and ask questions too opening a dialogue between you and like-minded people. Be sure to answer every question posted, thank users for positive comments and openly and honestly address any negative comments as you would if they emailed or called you.

Show your human side and people will warm to you!

5. Give something back to your customer.

A blog is a great platform to give existing customers added value. Post articles about topics that will help and add value to their lives. Top tips and practical pointers explaining how to do things, as well as why to do things, are great types of content to help them get started.

Too often articles will explain why you should do something and miss out how to go about doing it. This can be of real value.

Hopefully, we have demonstrated the value that a business blog can add to your site and does to ours. We are often pointing our network towards the blog when they have asked a question because often, we have answered it already here.