Digital Somerset’s videocast is now live!

June 16, 2021

Hosted by Digital Somerset’s Founders, Shane Griffiths and Jeremy Hyams, each episode will welcome an expert guest and cover a key topic across entrepreneurship, technology and digital. The new video podcast is designed to inspire, influence and educate the Digital Somerset community.

Ep1: HOW TO LIVE BIG! With Stuart Baldwin

In this episode Shane and Jeremy were joined by Stuart Baldwin from Live Big. Live BIG… is a way of thinking and being that stops us playing small. It’s our obsessive belief that we all have a tonne of capability just waiting to be let out. That leaders have a unique opportunity to help people develop that capability. And that when they do, the result is empowered and engaged people. It’s leadership development for forward-thinking organisations that truly care about their people.

Ep2: Be remarkable, be original! With Paul Stephenson

Paul Stephen, CEO of EGOstream, discusses the peaks and troughs of running technology businesses, how to overcome flatlining, how to ride the wave of high growth and at the end how to successfully exit. Authentic branding, mergers and acquisitions, coaching your people and learning how to service the modern-day customer are all areas Shane and Jeremy explore and get Paul’s vast experience on.

Digital Somerset have a great selection of interviews lined up, subscribe to the Digital Somerset YouTube channel so you can tune in as each episode is released.